With every project, I create a custom book cover that each author has a choice of styles, arrangement, and images. Often there are several cover designs that help the author to choose what fits closest to their title and message. So what happens to the unused designs from each book project?  They are all first-class designs. 

I have compiled more than 60 cover designs from many successful book projects that were all runnerups to the Author's final choice. I have revised and improved on these covers to make them excellent choices for a variety of subjects. Each cover you see below is original and customizeable to fit your book project. All you need to do is select a cover and make choices regarding the color, font, and image. Or perhaps you like it as it is and only want to change out the text. 

The cost is $299 per cover that you can use for your Print or ePUB book. This is an economical solution for authors on a budget but still wanting a degree of customizing to fit their readership. Also, this cover will not be resold! It is uniquely yours and will be removed from the gallery.

Please contact me for more information or a selection on the contact form on the home page. If you want a back cover, this can be added for an extra fee that covers a design to match your cover choice, format and layout of the text, barcode creation, and other items.




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