Are you a Transformational Author?

Transformational Authors are writers that uplift the human spirit through health, lifestyle, business practices, personal growth, and spiritual change. As a transformative author, your unique message needs a professional design that will open up your book to an awaiting audience. Transformational authors are also more than the written word. They are speakers and workshop leaders who help their audiences transform their lives and their environment through their words.


What is Transformational Book Design?

Good book design generally attracts attention through its Cover Art. Transformational Book design goes further than simply a great cover; it holistically enhances your book's message by considering your page layout, use of typography, adding illustrations and diagrams, and contributing ideas to help your message. Together, we can create an effective book that stands out from the crowd. Your printed book can be converted to an ebook format that is attractive on a KIndle, iPad, or smartphone. 


About Mark Gelotte
Book Creation.

Located in Sedona Arizona, Mark Gelotte has helped his book customers throughout the USA and Europe for 30 years. Alongside his graphic work, he is an accomplished painter and this enhances his art of book design. His illustrations have added unique and compelling covers to the written word of many authors. Contact: Mark @ maeric com for a quote or for more information on creating your special book.
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    Mark Gelotte

    Welcome to my site for Transformational Authors. I've been passionate about art all my life and have followed that passion towards producing beautiful results for all my artistic creations. With books, I'm fascinated by how Fonts and Text affect the readers experience and take it beyond just a great cover design. It is seeing the whole book that matters. My passion for book art has been enhanced by my own personal journey and my long time dedication towards a fulfilling life in body, mind, emotion, and spirit. (More...)

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"I truly lucked out when I selected Mark for my book cover. It is extremely professional and elegant and it attracts immediate and appreciative comments. Mark, you have provided high quality work and quality customer service with flexibility.”

Rashid Kapadia, Author and Speaker. NECESSARY BRIDGES.  amazon/necessarybridges 

"People judge books by their cover. A friend of mine—who had several books done by Mark—insisted that I contact him to do both my cover and the inside design. I could not be more pleased with the result – it's more beautiful than I imagined.'"

Daniel F. Prosser, Entrepreneur and Author, THIRTEENERS: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy—and How Yours Can Be One of Them.  amazon/thirteeners

“Mark did a fabulous job designing my book. He’s brilliantly talented, and was easy to work with; a rare combination. I highly recommend him.”

Shaeri Richards, Author and Filmmaker, DANCING WITH YOUR DRAGON: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self.  amazon/DancingWithYourDragon 

“I want to share with you that I hit the #1 best seller within 8 hours in all categories of heart disease, nutrition, alternative medicine, health, fitness and dieting."
Dr. Cynthia Thaik, Cardiologist, Health & Wellness Speaker. Author of YOUR VIBRANT HEART. amazon/yourvibrantheart

"Mark Gelotte is a true professional and an amazing designer who lives and breathes quality service from start to finish! We recently completed our fifth book together and have expanded our collaboration to include creating products associated with our publications. Mark's designs are essential to conveying the right message to brand our company!"

Martha Libster, Ph.D., R.N., Golden Apple Publishing: SCIENCE OF ENERGY FLOW  amazon/scienceofenergyflow

"When it comes to book cover and interior design, Mark is easy to work with, brilliantly-creative, responsive, patient, a master of his craft – and all reasonably priced. Who could ask for more?"

Henry S. Miller, Author, Trainer and Consultant, Books: THE SERIOUS PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, COPING WITH LIFE, and IN SEARCH OF PERSPECTIVE.   amazon/seriouspursuithappiness

"I was fortunate to have Mark prepare my book for print-on-demand and to design the cover and text. He walked me through the entire process so that it was easy for me and I felt fully supported from start to finish. His patience and easy-going style are a dream to work with."

Sandra Zimmer, Public Speaking, Communication Coach and Author: IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE.  amazon/timetoshine